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Who is Eligible?

International: All registered International students are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. All students who have the student health insurance plan during Spring 2021 term will be covered through August 14th, 2021, regardless of summer credit hours. This means if you have paid the Spring/Summer student health insurance charge, you will have continuous coverage throughout summer term, regardless of taking classes, traveling or graduating.

Post completion Optional Practical Training and Academic Training (OPT/AT) students are not eligible to purchase the UNR student insurance plan.

Medical Leave of Absence: Students on a university approved Medical Leave are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis for continued coverage under this plan for only the first term immediately following a university approved medical withdrawal, provided they were enrolled in this plan for the term prior to the leave. Dependent Coverage Eligibility Dependent enrollment in this plan is voluntary. Covered students may also enroll their lawful spouse, domestic partner (same-sex, opposite sex), and dependent children up to the age of 26. For more information on medical leave of absence enrollments, please contact UNR.

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